Learning Resources
Canadian Tapestry provides methods of exploring textiles from several points of view. Students and researchers might choose the database search engine to find information about a specific kind of process, geography or technique. Lifelong learners may prefer the theme-based approach of the tapestry of 75 textiles. Educators have access to three teaching guides, each arranged by age group, and additional in-depth information is contained in the glossary of terms and bibliography.

Teaching Guides
These three guides list textile-making activities. Each can be used in the classroom to support and enrich the major curriculum areas of social studies, visual arts, mathematics, and language and literacy. To appeal to every region of Canada, the curriculum connections are indicated in broad and general terms.

Textile Activities for Students Kindergarden to Grades 4
Textile Activities for Students Grades 5 to 8
Textile Activities for Students Grades 9 to 12

Glossary of Terms
Look here for definitions of terms found throughout Canadian Tapestry.

These books are useful for further research into different aspects of textile studies.