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Camel headdress
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This headdress added to the regalia of a prized camel and was made for a special ceremony such as a wedding. Coarse red felt was reinforced and lined with strips and triangles of woven wool, and decorated with tassels made of horsehair and feathers.

Where was this textile created?

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Animal Adornment

Camel headdress
Asia: Central Asia, Afghanistan; Uzbek or Kirghiz people
Mid 20th century
Felted wool cloth, wool yarn, horsehair tassels and feathers
59 cm x 75 cm
Textile Museum of Canada
T88.0391 Textile Museum of Canada

The Afghan people who made this headdress live a nomadic life, herding animals from pasture to pasture. The nomadic community treats livestock as their true wealth, and some of the symbols embroidered on the headdress are rams’ horns, which likely represent large herds of sheep.

Humans are the only species who wear clothes. However, we often dress domesticated animals as if they were one of us. We lovingly adorn the animals we treasure by decorating them extensively for special occasions – whether in the spirit of an offering or as a mark of respect.

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