Executive Producers

Executive Director:

Nataley Nagy

Senior Project Advisor:

John Dalrymple

Project Partners

Research and Content Development

Head Writer and Curator

Patricia Bentley

Curatorial Contributors

Max Allen
Natalia Nekrassova
Roxane Shaughnessy

Research Assistant

Dorie Millerson

Copy Editing

Adrian Herscovici

French Translation

David Ellis
Omnia Communications Inc.

Anne-Chantal Fontaine
Marie-Hélène Larrue

New Media Development

Canadian Tapestry Web site

ecentricarts Inc.

Project Management

Michel Blondeau


Norma Penner

Creative Production

Michelle Simpson


Sean Kozey, Celine Allaert, Sarah Pengelly,
Paul McDougall, Kevin Goodridge

TMC Online Collection Database

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Willoughby Associates, Ltd.
Lenore Sarasan
Chief Operating Officer

Internet Technology and Development Manager

James Starritt

3D Imaging and Programming

Multiple Axis 3D Imaging and Programming
AVT Studios Inc.

Single Axis 3D Imaging and Post-Production

Maciek Linowski and Zac Marshall

Project Digitization

MIMSY XG Data Base Installation and Legacy Data Migration

Willoughby Associates, Ltd.
Gayle Silverman
Director of Client Services

Digitization Team

Project Coordinator
Julie Phippard


Maciek Linowski

Photography Assistant

Zac Marshall

Artifact Preparation

Jenn Shousterman

Data Entery

Jennifer Bullock

French Language Data Entry

Claudelle Yougang

Documentation and Digitization Consultant

Ian Murray

Information Technology Consultant

James Harding

Project Partner

Synthescape Inc.

Managing Director

Darin Freitag